February 15, 2013

No Sew Fabric Pins

February 15, 2013 2

Okay, I have like posted the picture a long time ago in a galaxy faraway, umm no, I mean in flickr. Do people still posts on flickr what with instagram and everything? Well anyway, it's waaaaaaayyy long of an overdue so without further ado, here goes....

What you will need:
1. Fabric scraps
2. Felt fabric 
3. Scissors
4. Glue (I used UHU All Purpose Adhesive, glue-gun could also work well)
5. Safety Pins/ Flat-back pin thingies


  • Cut your felt into a simple shape, it could be a circle, diamond, triangle, cube, star, hexagon, whatever 
  • Overlap the previous shape with scrap fabric and cut around it while adding about 1 -1.5 cm ( 0.4 - 0.6 inch). Or you could just wing it (like I did), but make sure it is foldable enough.
  • Trim the corners if any to make it easier to fold. For roundish shape you might want to do a lot of small snips. See, toldya, make simple shape... Glue it around and fold.
  • Cut another bit of felt, again following the previous shape. This will act as a frame while it enforces your pin. It's really up to you on the sizing and color.
  • Cut another shape from felt, and make sure it will fit the pin. I like to do hearts.  Slather them with glue, especially the corners. I hate when the back of my pin/badges fall off, and this way the pin stays put longer because you didn't glue the pin to fabric, but it glued fabric to fabric which makes it stronger. 
  • You could decorate some more by adding buttons or googly-eye. Enjoy your pin! 
PS: I kinda hate the sizing on this tutorial, because usually all my posts (except the old ones) have a standardized width. But i kinda also want to make those looooong pinterest-y graphic. So yeah you cannot really have everything, can you?
I also took the photos for the tutorial using my camera-phone only (The future is now!). With crappy fluorescent lighting and actually doing it in my bed, so this post will be used as I reminder, if I ever get lazy (which happens a fucking lot)  to document my process.

November 5, 2012

Cartoon Nation

November 5, 2012 0
Yay for kooky super-saturated cartoony videos that will make you pop your eye-balls, eat candies, and shit rainbows! And seriously the last two vids made me crave eye-ball patterned clothes and eye-jewelries!! (I KNOW I have some already BUT, SERIOUSLY!!!)

August 5, 2012

Updates and Indian Trucks!!

August 5, 2012 4
Oy! Longtime longtime.... I KNOW. 
 Anyways, the big reveal. Roll drums please....
MY NEW JOB is in a company called Tulisan (it's super awesome!) I, now, officially have a career in graphic design and whatnots. Ahem! Dreams do come true but  it's far from easy!! I kinda jump on moving train and it's moving really fast. We're prepping our International launch and it's been hella busy for everyone. And I really have a lot to catch up and meet the standards, almost everyone is a perfectionists here, on which I am sooo not. But I'm trying to. 
Meanwhile here are pics from my posts at Tulisan, you'll find links in the photo captions. 

Decor, Dayream, and DejaVu
On the Road: India

Here's the cut-off if you are interested.  If not, well, whaddya know, IT'S MY BLOG! So same result, no matter what.Anyway (geez, I throw a lot of anyways today.) The truck post was supposed to go longer but I kinda edited the last paragraphs, to make it less, rambly/manic/ insane? Actually the term I was looking for is: Work Appropriate. 
Meanwhile here are pics from my posts at Tulisan, you'll find links in the photo captions.

I get obsessed by it soon enough, naturally. But alas, I was always seated at the back (Aria, my sis’ hubby sat in front being the only guy and all.) And our driver is a speed-fiend that suavely swerves and suddenly brakes. 
And I could not find the book about it in the few bookshops I visited.  WELL, THERE SHOULD BE ONE, HELLO!!!
For now I just have to googled my way through to enjoy it, and found out that different states have different ways of decorating (here are some gorgeous trucks from Kerala). 
And I am not alone in this. Have you check the new No Doubt vid. Do you know what it's all about? A decade after their last album and this is what they chose to feature and show that they're still rocking; INDIAN EFFIN' TRUCKS!!!

June 18, 2012

Get Your Geek On!

June 18, 2012 1

We're gonna have a CONVENTION, finally! Cosplay, Light Saber competition, Exhibition, Collectible for Sale, and of course NON STOP screening plus behind the scenes and fanfic-films. What what! Click here for more.

June 16, 2012

Travel Journal: India

June 16, 2012 1
I actually scanned these pages like two, or was it three, weeks ago. Staying true to my procrastinating ass, I  made promises to myself and then I stalled. So without further a do, here goes...

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